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How to Do the Floating Bread Roll Magic Trick

Learn how to do the floating bread roll trick from professional illusionist Ben Nemzer in this Howcast magic tricks video.


My name is Ben Nemzer and I'm a magician. One of my specialties is close-up magic, which is magic with ordinary objects, decks of cards, ropes, rubber bands. And I do that all over New York City. I'm going to teach you some of the basics of magic that you guys can start performing right away.

Watch this. This is the floating bread roll trick. And now for the explanation. This is a great way to make something float right at the dinner table and it's unlike any other way to make anything float. And I think you'll find it really cool. You take a bread roll and you stick it to a fork. And you hold the fork right here and nobody can see that you're holding a fork because it's hidden behind the handkerchief. Now all you do is you move the fork forward and backwards. And you can even move it just a little bit up but make sure not to expose the fork from the front view. And it really looks like the bread roll is floating.

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