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How to Do the Penny through the Elbow Magic Trick

Learn how to do the penny through the elbow trick from professional illusionist Ben Nemzer in this Howcast magic tricks video.


My name is Ben Nemzer, and I'm a magician. One of my specialties is close-up magic, which is magic with ordinary objects. Decks of cards, ropes, rubber bands, and I do that all over New York City. I'm going to teach you some of the basics of magic, that you guys can start performing right away.

This is the coin-through-the-elbow trick, have a look. If you rub it on your elbow, it should pass, whoops, it should pass right through the elbow, into your arm. It takes one, two, three seconds to travel through your elbow, down the arm, and into your hand.

Now, here's the secret. You take the coin and you rub it on your elbow, and then you, "accidentally" drop the coin onto the table. When you pick the coin up, you do a move called the false transfer. That's when you pretend to take the coin from one hand, and put it into the other. It actually stays in the first hand. The best way to learn how to do that move, is to watch the HowCast video on "Making a Coin Disappear."

After you do the secret move, everybody thinks the coin is in here, but the coin has stayed in the hand, where you were rubbing your elbow. You rub the elbow, you rub the elbow, you rub the elbow. And then you pretend it went right through. It didn't actually, it's been in your hand the whole time. You say it's traveling through, and then you drop it, so it makes a nice little sound on the table.

Remember, the first time when you accidentally drop the coin, make sure you pick it up with the elbow hand, the hand that's attached to the elbow that you were rubbing. Otherwise, if you pick it up with the wrong hand, it just won't work.

And that's how you make a coin go through the elbow.

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