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How to Make a Coin Disappear with a Sleight of Hand Trick

Learn how to make a coin vanish from professional illusionist Ben Nemzer in this Howcast magic tricks video.


My name is Ben Nemzer and I'm a magician. One of my specialties is close up magic which is magic with ordinary object decks of card, ropes, rubberbands and I do that all over New York City. I'm going to teach you some of the basics of magic that you guys can start performing right away.

This is how you make a coin disappear. Now, there's a lot of different ways to make a coin disappear and I'm going to show you one of the easiest. That's something that we magicians call a false transfer. It's when you pretend to put a coin from one hand to the other. Here is the easiest way to do that.

All you do is you hold the coin in your hand and as you turn your hand over to place into your other hand you let your thumb catch it and you pinch it tight. Like that and you close your hand pretending that you're holding the coin but the entire time the coin stays in the other hand.

Now, there's a few things to remember when you do this. First of all, when you move your hand like this, don't grab your fingers. You want it to look as natural as possible. Remember it's not natural to go like this. So practice gently touching your hand and slowly closing your fingers. Even if there is a moment where the audience can actually see your hand empty their mind will fill in the blank and they probably won't see the secret move. You just tap your hand and close it.

Another important key thing to remember is that you want to follow the coin with your eye. And when the coin is supposedly going to other hand you want to follow where the coin should be. Because if you do the move perfectly and look at the wrong place, it doesn't look so good. For example, if I go like this, everybody is going to be looking at this hand instead of this hand. So you want your eyes to follow the coin.

Another great way to practice is to actually take the coin and put it into your other hand. Take the coin and place it into the other hand. And you shouldn't be able to tell the difference between pretending to take the coin and actually taking the coin and that's how you know you have done it right.

And that's how you make a coin disappear.

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