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How to Apply Blush

Let professional makeup artist Patricia Longo teach you how to apply blush perfectly in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


"Hi, I am Patricia Langer and I am a celebrity make-up artist.I have worked with models from sports illustrated like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Anderson to Alec bodan at thirty walk.

All that things the experts do that the average person doesn't know how to do we will learn how to do it on these videos.

There are three tools, I like using, to blush. A Blush Brush, a Precision Brush and a Contour Brush.I like to start with the precision brush.What this does is I try to get a little contouring in first.So I choose a little darker blush. And i go right where her cheek and her jaw meets.OK so my precision brush is going straight in the middle between the cheek and the jawline and it gives her just a little bit of contouring.So I have chosen a peach color for Catherine.Peach is very pretty on her.I take a blush brush.It is a little round.Circle it.I wish I had to dab a little bit off the blush.You don't want it too heavy.I always ask my model to smile.And if you are doing it you would be smiling n the mirror.And I do a little bit on the apples just the circular motion.Then bring it up a little bit, near the temple.And that gives her just a little bit of color on the apple. And I used a matte peach blush. It gave her a very natural, but yet she looks very alive.Blush shouldn't look like you are looking like you are blushed.It should make you feel awake, bright and happy.Now that is some matte look.Some people prefer a shimmer.I love shimmer blushes.I love to have fun with shimmer co lours.Now, I don't want to put too much on her because I have already put a blush that is matte.But if I want to add a little bit of shimmer on top of a matte blush, if I was going out and I wanted to change my look, that is when I get my little contour brush.What I do is, I take a little bit on both sides of this shimmer blush and I would just dab a little bit. dab.. and dab..bringing it down.. same places where I put the blush on the apple all the way up to the temple.And then I take a little more shimmer and the I put a little a bit on the top of the eye, sometimes near the eyebrow and a little bit on the chin.Just a little shimmer on the chin.An as you see I keep putting on both sides, mixing the shimmer blush and I am giving her a nice little highlight all the way up from the apple all the way up to the temple.Even go very close to her eyebrow.Almost give that runway look that she just came off the runway.So I applied blush with three tools.The simple way is just using a blush brush in a circular motion on the apple of her cheek all the way up to the temple.If I want to use a shimmer,I take my flat contour brush, dab it into the shimmer and throw it slightly on the cheek, all the way up,bringing it down, down, down even up here and on the chin.A little bit on the nose.And if I want to give myself some real definition in my cheeks, I use a precision brush.And the precision brush is always using a slight darker blush or even a bronzer and just go right in to between the cheek, the apple of the cheek and the jawline.It is mapped in the middle, almost like a little curve on her face.She has got beautiful high cheek bones.But if you want to crate high cheek bones, this is where you get it.And you could add a little contour right here. I sometimes add a little blush here as well.And there you have it bright cheeks."

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