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How to Create Dramatic Nighttime Eyes

Learn how to make up eyes for a dramatic nighttime look from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast eye makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Detrick and I'm a make up artist. I've done make up on a lot of celebrities, Pam Anderson, Tony Rust, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon, there is a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can everybody can and you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that.

I just finished a summerlook on Billy and now we're going to turn into a dramatic eye for a night time look, and we're going to keep her summery bronze look going just for a really hot night on the town now. Okay, so she has on the very first look that we started with which was natural eyes which we loved for summer, but now she needs some more definition in her brows and we're gonna do her eyes entirely. So, let's start with your brows, I'm just gonna add a little bit more definition, we used clear brow gel before, but, I just want to make sure that they don't get overpowered by the dramatic eye that we're about to do. So, I just did a little fill on this eye brow, and like I said small dashes similar in length to your brow hairs, okay? Just a little bit more defined, it automatically also makes you look like you have highlighter on your brow bone which you don't because of the varying contrast that it adds. Just small dashes throughout the entire brow. So now, I am going to apply, because we've already done a summer face and bronze look on Billy, we want to protect it, so here instead of a translucent powder, which I've used before, I'm gonna use more of a peachy tone, just to protect the make up we're gonna leave it really powdery on her skin, so go ahead an roll the brush with the powder on it, your not trying to matte her out you just want to apply a really thick layer of powder to protect the make up that you've already done because we're going to use some darker shadows, and we want them to not ruin the rest, okay, and this will be the brush that we'll dust it off with later but we're going to leave it like this for now and get started on the dramatic eye. I'm going to use a dark purple eyeliner, it's very deep and dark, eggplant kind of color and we're going to use that inside of the eye, a little bit smudged on the outside bottom as well as across the top lash line, and that's going to be our starting point and I'll show you were to go from there.

As far as eye shadows go, I'm going to use this very dark purple illusioning shimmer, as well as a smokey gray and I'm actually going to start with kind of a cementy brown. So, let's start on the top lash line with a purple pencil, this does not matter if you do it perfectly or not because we're going to smudge it out anyways, the idea is just to to get really a lot of color and depth next to the lash line. And just smudge it across, so that's just very fast, easy, we're going to smudge it in a moment with a brush but first I'm just going to use this inside of her eyes, so on yourself if you just take a brush and pop down the lower and kind of like hold it up, it's easier than like sticking pencil inside your eye, yeah, and always make sure of course your sharpen your pencil after every time you use it. Are you okay to do this other eye? Okay. Alright, so, I was going to do a little bit, actually underneath each of the bottom lash lines, it'll help the shadow that we're going to apply, grip a little bit more as well as be more smudgy.

Alright, so, the next thing that we're going to do is to take this kind of cementy brown here with a medium kind of finger sized brush of the flat so it'll fit right into your eye and across the lid. So, let's do this first, we're going to make it look like we took a lot of time blending when we didn't, so starting on the outside, like the outer half of the eye, just go ahead an make a "V" and with the brush you can see how I'm not using it like a finger, I'm using it on it's side, so like this into the crease, as well as half way across the eye. And make the small "V", okay, so that's just the very first side, do the same on the other eye. Hid it half way across starting on the outside so when you use this kind of medium tone it's going to create an illusion when we add darker tones throughout the rest of the eye.

So the next step to our look is going to be to take this dark purple color that I pointed out earlier with an even smaller brush, more rounded brush than the last one and we're going to pull it across the whole lid, so go ahead an swirl it into the shadow, give it a small tap, and start right next to that purple line, softly blending outwards, so where I started the first color out working inwards in a "V" shape, now I'm starting in the middle of the eye and blending into the other color, and I'm going to go ahead and kind of blend it into the very center and beginning of the eye but not apply more product, because we don't want to be too, too dramatic that looks scary. Okay, so we're still using this eggplant color, we started on the middle, worked our way and used what ever was left on the brush to blend inwards, you don't want to start on the inside with the majority of the color and work out because it could be too dramatic. So, you can always add more, start in the middle, blend it into the "V" that we made first and the other color and then the residue to pull in, so we'll do the other side now too starting in the middle, blending into the "V" and into that lash line liner that we did first, and then using the residue on the brush to pull the rest of the color inwards so as not too, too dramatic, but to be sexy dramatic, moving on. Next brush that we're going to use it's not as pencily or short and firm as the next one that we'll use, but it is a similar type, so it's going to apply in a more dramatic fashion, the eye shadow that we're going to use underneath your eye as well as on the outside of your eye to really give that cat look. Okay, so, now we're taking this deeper, it's kind of a mix between an eggplant and an a cement, so we use the cement first then we use the eggplant, and then, now we're using the kind of in between color. Dab your brush, give it a tap, and go ahead and look all the way up, and we're just going to smudge it out underneath the eye, working our way in with the color like we did with the "V". I'm giving it that nice lift at the end, all the way up, working it into that liner that we put first so it's creeping and adding a little bit more purple to it and then at the end pulling up, really pretty.

So, now we're going to do a little bit of blending and then some mascara. So, I just want to go back to that original brush that we used to apply the first cement color, now it really should not have much color on it, but I'm just going to double check on the back of my hand, so that if there is anything left, it's okay if there's a little bit but you don't want to have to much, so we're just going to go back, close the eyes and just blend them all together and make sure it has a nice soft edge. Kind of pulling upwards towards the brow bone but we're not applying anymore color, we're just blending it out. So you can kind of be free with your motions here, like doing a fan motion back and forth to really blend it all together and fan it out. See, how pretty. Now what we're going to do is wipe or more so brush off the powder underneath, probably touch it up a little bit and then put the mascara on to finish the dramatic eye look.

So, I originally showed you the flat fan brush, this is a similar quality in that it has very light, thinner top to the brush. We did have a little bit of fall down of color over here in particular you can see, so I'm going to take a little bit more of the powder, brush it all off. And the reason why I'm doing this before the mascara is so that we don't get little dust particles in your mascara, because your mascara is going to take a moment to set. So, be free about this, don't be to meticulous, this is supposed to be fun, your dramatic going out at night look, it's easy to do, it's pretty perfect. And now we're going to do some mascara, let's see, open, pretty. So now we're going to go into mascara and if you want to make this look even more dramatic I'm going to later show you how you can add some individual false lashes in to create an even more flirty, dramatic look. Okay, so, I picked also a very, very purple mascara to go with our dark purple eye, a dramatic eye, and this is a fun way to wear color, all of it but still have like a neutral look, so it's a way to wear color without wearing color and that means it can go with your bronzy look, it's like the cooler tones with a hint of eggplant with all this warm, pretty summer can work, so just going to continue that idea in a really dark purple, so it's going to almost look black unless you look at it. And, when you're doing this use that brush that you use to blend your shadows instead of your finger if you need to hold something, I'm going to use a brush on her, but you should look back in the mirror, put your head down, and put the mascara right to your lash line an pull up, okay. So I'm going to pull your lash line back a little bit, so you can get right at that lash line, really pull up, so you can see it doesn't look to purple but it's still purple, so it's fine, and on this look you can actually do a little bit on the bottom, so I'm going to see how dramatic it looks on both eyes first. So that finishes your basic dramatic eye look and in the next video I'll show you how to make it even more dramatic with mascara on the bottom and individual false lashes on the top.

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