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How to Cover Up a Tattoo with Makeup

Let professional makeup artist Patricia Longo teach you how to cover up a tattoo with makeup in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Patricia Longo and I'm a a celebrity make-up artist. I've worked with models from Sports Illustrated like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson, to Alec Baldwin and 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the average person doesn't know how to do, will learn how to do it on these videos. Covering up a tattoo is like covering up acne. You definitely need to use a cream concealer. But I will say that there are certain products out there that actually cover tattoos. Like Makeup Forever has a face and body makeup that actually covers. But you can also use a little cream concealer. The same way you would cover up acne. There are certain lines that really really focus on that. Like Dermablend or Effex. There's Joe Blasco. Sometimes a heavier makeup, TV makeup like RCMA covers that really really well. And you just dab it on with your finger and then put a little powder or foundation powder on top is even great.

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