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How to Wear Pink Lipstick

Let professional makeup artist Patricia Longo teach you how to wear pink lipstick in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Hi, I am Patricia Longo and I'm a celebrity make-up artist. I've worked with models from Sports Illustrated, like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock. All those things that experts do that the average person doesn't know how to do will learn how to do it on these videos. Lipstick Tutorial: How to wear pink lipstick: Pink has become a very popular color the past few years and that's become really popular with the smoky eyes. Well on the runway a lot of times you'll see very bright cheeks and it almost gives that girly look. It's the Katie Perry look and sometimes even Katie Perry she either does pink lips or she'll go for the red vibrant look. But bright cheeks and bright lips are in right now but even with the natural look and just the black liner, pink lips have become, I would say, a real hot thing especially when you throw a little gloss on top. Very, very sexy and sweet at the same time. I really like pink lips.

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