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How to Glue Individual False Eyelashes

Learn how to glue on individual false eyelashes from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast eye makeup tutorial.


"My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a Make up artist. I've done make up on a lot of celebrities. Pam Anderson (?)Cynthia Nixon. There is a big misconception that i could never do that look on the run way and you absolutely you can. everybody can and (?) I can show you how to do that.

So we have just finished our dramatic eye look which we paired with our previous summer bronze look. So now we are going to make this look a little bit more dramatic and show you how to add individual false lashes into look just create that extra.(?) One of the keys in doing individual false lashes is the glue. Duo is surgical (?) but is favored by any make up artist any where because its easy to use, its inexpensive you can find it at any drug store and it works. When you are doing the lashes - individual false lashes or regular lashes one of the key tips is to not use too much glue. And to use tweezers.

So here on the middle of i put some duo and its okay if it kind of starts to dry a little bit gum here is the more easily the lashes will at here and that's what if you want. So um its best to use a flat tweezers and it will be easy to grab them off here. So we have a little knob on the end and just gonna give it tiny little bit like the tiniest bit will work. And if it doesn't it come off and you do it again but (?)lash glue on top of your lash line its not, its gonna mess up your make up and its not going to help you in anyway. So less is more in everything. Just go ahead and start on the outside of the lash and you wanna make sure that you get it basically right in your lash line right on the very top like where your lashes are, your not gonna take it above, you gonna try them work them right into your lash line, so that they'd look natural.(?) So you want them to blend in as best as possible. So just a smallest amount is necessary and work it right so we gonna do them side by side, so the one i put over here I'm gonna put in the same spot over here in order to make sure that we are doing them evenly. (?)So in between each lash applied if you want to kind of check them out and see if we do them all, you know one right after another .(?) So start slow take it easy and that just look prettier that's(?) tiny little bit inside and the outside (?) and they dont have to be exactly perfectly placed on both sides because lashes were you wanna keep it natural look that's part of the reason we are doing the individuals because you can, you gonna see that line of classic going to cross eyelids like you do on the regular band of lashes um and place them wherever you want so if you just want to accentuate the outside of your eye, you just can place extra dramatic on the outside. It will also make your eyes appear apart if you put a bunch all the way across sometimes they can make your eye look too close together. Okay so just a tiny little bit. And actually each application has about 3 lashes in it. if you didn't want cut into them down or cut into them to make them more spares you can do that too, I'm not going to because we really has this nice dark look going on and I want the drama but if you want to and you wanna do looking more natural look (?)or you can also cut into them. don't be afraid of them you know. You can, you can do it so tiny tiny tiny bit of the Duo and working. I'm gonna take this even out little bit further on the edge (?) to give that extra punch and I'll do the same on the other eye.(?) Check that off I mean its gorgeous eh as extra drama but still doesn't look crazy. And now am just going to finish with a tiny bit of the purple mascara that we use before on the bottom lashes and your look is going to be done. Ready to party. So again and look up. Be careful when your doing bottom lashes that you don't want make them look too heavy.(?)after. And that is your gorgeous dramatic eye look with individual false lashes applied and bottom mascara. "

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