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How to Apply Concealer

Let professional makeup artist Patricia Longo teach you how to apply concealer in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Patricia Longo : Hi! I am Patricia Longo and I am a celebrity make-up artist. I’ve worked with models from Sports Illustrated like Brooklyn Decker and Julie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at “30 Rock”. All those things that experts do, that the average person does not know how to do, we’ll learn how to do it on these videos. So this is my favorite part of make-up. It’s concealer – because everybody always complains about their dark circles, right? Isabella: True.( laughs) Patricia Longo: So you have so many choices out there and I know some people like certain things. My favorite is the “Touche Eclat” from Yves Saint Laurent, then we have a highlighter from Laura Mercier, a planel concealer from Maybelline and then my “Erase Paste” from Benefit. These are my favourite-favourite concealers. I even have this new one – it’s a cream from Arbonne. Hard to find, but you can find it online. Now I’ll explain what each and everyone does because every concealer does something different and I do a lot of layering with concealer, so if I have really dark circles, which Isabella, she doesn’t have them as dark as me Isabella laughs Patricia Longo : But we, olive skin girls get dark concealer, dark is all the time. So, let me just explain to you – if you are very dry underneath the eye – you wanna use something very moist and liquidly. That’s where the Maybelline stick comes. If I were to put the stick on her, I would just dab little like that, just dots, and I would blend with my finger and I like to put as much as I want, because whatever I don’t keep on there, I blend in with the sponge. I use my sponge with a little pointing in, and what I do – is I blend it in and I find this is the easiest concealer to work with – is the liquid tube. And I just get in there – in the corner and blending it, and blending it. People always mistaken - if you have dark circles, the darker the circle - the darker the concealer. Meaning Isabella has dark circles. I’m not gonna use the number one light on her – I would either use the medium or dark concealer on her. So – that’s just covering her with a liquid. Now I also appreciate – it’s “Erase Paste”. It’s a cream and what I use is a concealer brush and I take just a little bit and I dab it on my hand. Do you see the color? Isabella: Yeah Patricia Longo: Very orange; meaning you have very dark circles. I’m gonna show you the difference from using just a light one as opposed to a darker one which would be more appropriate for her. This is the darker one. And as you can see – I’m dabbing with the concealer brush and this is a cream so it gives a little more coverage then the liquid. But again – I take my favorite little sponge (close your eyes) and I blend. And as you can see – this concealer was a little lighter but because she has a darker circle, I used the darker concealer and it blended much, much more naturally. And I really-really love the cream, because the cream definitely gives a little more coverage and as long as you use it with a concealer stick, you blend it and it smoothes it out. It doesn't get into the creases. Even on this side, I would smooth it out. So, if you are a very fair lady, you would use a number one; if you are medium to light person – you would use a medium, but if you are olive skin to dark – you always go with the darkest concealer, because you want the concealer to blend with your skin and your foundation. So if I just want to make her a little light here and light reflects so the circles aren’t that dark, I would use one of these. These are highlighters. The Yves Saint Laurent’ “Touche Eclat” and the Laura Mercier “Secret Brightener” is just to brighten up the face. And this is how I use my finger, because I want the shimmer to be in there and I actually did the same exact thing for Reshma Shetty, the actress on that show “Royal Paints” for her wedding. Even with the dark concealer it would have worked by itself. She needed a little shimmer right in here to camouflage the darkness. And if you don’t have a shimmer stick – you can also use eye-shadow. If you use a frost white eye-shadow also helps. Just right inside the eye here. And I’ll show you how that looks. Sometimes I use the concealer brush and I just throw a little white shadow. And now the circles are gone.

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