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How to Do Summer Makeup

Learn how to do summer makeup that withstands humidity from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich, and I'm a makeup artist. I've done makeup on a lot of celebrities Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon. There's a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway. And you absolutely can. Everybody can, and you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that. So we've just finished Billie's natural makeup look, added gloss, and now we're going to turn it into a summer bronzed goddess look. So in the very natural makeup, we only used spot concealer with an illuminizing cream. And now I'm going to go back with a little bit more of the cream concealer, cause we're going to just retouch and refine everything, make it a little bit more of a whole look. So the product is actually the same concealer that I used before. It's a cream concealer, but I'm going to apply it a little bit more liberally throughout the face. I'm going to leave the cheek color that she has on. We might cover it a little bit, I'm going to use bronzer and a highlighter in a moment anyways. But there's no need to remove the cream blush. If it shows through a little bit, it's pretty. So the brush that I'm using is now a foundation brush. When I first applied the concealer, I used a smaller round brush with a stiffer tip, because I only wanted to conceal small imperfections throughout her face. Now, we're going to use the concealer, which is still very sheer we used it for the natural look. But we're going to use it almost as a foundation, just to even out a little bit more, and create a really neutral face for your bronzer, highlighter, and your goddess look. So a tiny amount, it goes a long way because it's concealer so you can use less that you would have with foundation. And just work it right into the whole center of your face, and we'll also do the eye area. I like to kind of apply it first, so it gets well distributed and I don't have to end up wasting product, and then blend it in after. So with some concealers, even though they're a cream, they can still be a heavy cream. The one that I've chosen, it's a medium one which is great because it's smaller, you can pop it in your bag at night and have touch-ups. But there are lots of different options, so make sure you get one that's not a full coverage concealer cause it might end up looking too heavy. Then you can blend it out to the edge of the face, and never have that unnatural looking line, it should go right into the neck. Once again, my pet peeve that weird line. Plus, take into consideration that throughout the day, your skin will produce sebum which darkens anything on anyone. So it'll darken powder, it'll darken bronzer. So if you already have too dark of a foundation, concealer, or powder on, it'll make you even darker. Okay, so we've blended that nicely. It looks flawless, but now she doesn't really have any dimension in her face because we've kind of made it all one color. And it's summer, so we want to do fresh and glowy and bronzy. And so let's do that right now. For this look, we're not really doingI wouldn't call it a contour/highlight. We're gonna do a golden and a bronze, so it's different. I'm going to actually do the golden first. We're going to kind of apply it similarly as we would a highlighter because it is lighter in fact, but we're going to put it in other places too that you wouldn't normally put an actual highlighter. So with a brush that isI think I said in a different video too, kind of like a big thumb? You want to kind of, as a thumb just get a little dab of the golden loose powder and pat it on the edge of your hand. And we're gonna just start applying it on the cheek. We don't want this color to be too dissimilar from her actual skin tone cause we want to be able to really apply it liberally, but you can see how it catches the light. So we're kind of building her bronze. I like to work it back into the hairline. She's just gonna have that really soft and sexy look. So just look straight ahead, I wanna see if you can kind of tell the difference. You can see where it catches the light. So like I said, although it's going in similar places as a highlighter would, it's really more like her skin color. We're not doing full contour, just want to shine up her skin. And I'm even going to take a little bit down the bridge of her nose. If you're an oily skin type, don't do this. If you feel that you have a wide nose, also don't do this. It's going to catch light and make it appear not bigger, but it's going to draw attention. So just keep that in mind. Going right down the center. Go like this with your lips. And then a little on to the neck. And don't forget to work it back into your hairline as well. Not all the way around but just back by your ear. Also if you're wearing like a white or a light color, just only go about to here. It should blend well enough. It should be close enough to your skin tone that you shouldn't have to take it down into your neckline. You don't want to get it all over your clothes at night. Anyways, so that is a way to get not a tan look, but a bronzy look to start. And you're going to kind of apply it in the same places as we did the highlighter before. So then we're going to go in. You can use the same brush, you can use a bigger brush, but we're going to do bronzer now. And with bronzer, you want to make sure that you are applying it on the plains of your face that protrude, that if you were at the beach would get touched by the sun first. So what are they? Your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Okay, so I like to apply bronzer in a C shape on both sides of the face, starting at the temple. And this is where we're going to leave what we did here with the golden light bronzer, where it is, and start doing a little bit more of like, a sunned looklike you're going to look real summery, like you've been at the beach now. So start here, work down into the temple andokay? You're gonna do on the other side as well. Starting with the temple, leaving the goldy bronze here and working it down. And then we're gonna take a little bit across the bridge of the nose and the chin. You're looking very summery, like you've been at the beach! So once you've used up all of your product, you can go back and kind of blend it out with your brush. So now, I still want you to have a little bit of pop of color to your cheek. So I'm going to take a powder blush. For the natural look, we used the cream blush which also does dissipate into your skin a lot faster. But now that we've built up this beautiful bronzy look, we're going to take just a tiny hint of a kind of coral, like a red coral blush. And we're only going to apply it again on the apples of the cheeks. So once again, smile. So we want them all to blend together. So this gives you great, summer, fresh, corally, been at the beach look that anybody can wear, anytime of the year.

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