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How to Do Eye Makeup for the Prom

Learn how to do eye makeup for prom from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast eye makeup tutorial.


"My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a makeup artist. I've done makeup on a lot of celebrities: Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, and Cynthia Nixon. There's a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can, everybody can. And you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that.

So now it's prom time and we are going to break your prom look into three different segments. We are going to do eyes first, your face, meaning any foundation, concealer, and blush, maybe shimmer, and then your lips. So let's start with the eyes. So for prom it's fun to do maybe whatever trend you've been seeing in magazines. So it could be any variation on what I'm about to show you, this will be kind of a basic look, but it's okay if you want to do like punk princess or something. You can find something that will work for you and go with your dress. Like, I'm about to use a navy blue eye pencil, but maybe you want to use something that kind of goes with your dress more. Navy blue should go with lots, but let's go.

Okay, so first we're just going to take a nice dark navy blue pencil and work it across the lash line. So we're starting with the school makeup, which is very basic, it's a little cream blush on the lips and cheeks, a little bit of a dark green eyeliner, and a little bit of concealer with also lip stain underneath. So what I've just done is taken a little bit of a dark blue pencil across the lash line. If you have Q-tips at home, use them. And we're just going to blend it a little bit into the lash line, because we don't want anything harsh, but we want a little bit of something special for prom. So we see the definition but let's do the other eye and then I'm going to add a little bit of the shimmer across the lid that I'm also later going to use to add some highlights that will catch the prom lights nicely with your dress. So, when you're doing the liner across your lash line, it doesn't have to be perfect because we're going to smudge it anyways. What we want to create is just the illusion of a very thick and flirty lash line. And we want to use a bit of color because it's very trendy right now. So smudging it in We also have some other videos on how to do like a Taylor Swift kind of eye, so you can check that out too if you wanted to do something a bit more So, that looks really pretty already.

We just did the blue pencil liner across Billy's lash line and blended it in with a Q-tip. I'm going to keep using Q-tips for most of this look because you can make a fun look with them, but you don't have to invest in brushes necessarily. So what I'm using right now in this lid top is a sheer, shimmery, silvery powder, and I'm going to apply it to the whole lid as well as a little bit next to her brow just to give that extra pop of lightness. So start on the inside of the eye. And you can put this right over your liner. It will actually make the liner look bluer or a little purpley, which is fun, because we are going to do mascara too for prom. And just dab it on And I flipped the Q-tip over to the clean side to pull a little bit of that shimmer up next to the brow. See how pretty that is? Okay, so, on the other eye too, the same. Starting on the inner corner, working out, layering right on top of that blue liner that we did, it actually intensifies the blue. And then flip over the Q-tip, or you can get a new one, and work a little bit of that shimmer up next to the brow. You don't want to have a really super highlighted brow, it's just a little bit old school we want to keep this look really modern.

The next step is to put a little bit of mascara on and I'm actually going to use a very dark blue/grey mascara. I'm not going to go too, too blue. If you are doing your punk rock princess, or whatever, look, it's okay on prom but you also have to think about pictures. So in twenty years are you going to want to see, you know, florescent yellow mascara on? I don't know, but blue's fun and timeless, so You're going to do this yourself in the mirror at home and you're going to tilt your head back as well and look down into the mirror. That way you can get right at the lash line and really give that pretty built up lash look. And this will also intensify that liner that we put on first. Pretty. And it will define your eyes for pictures, but look pretty in person too.

So that's your basic eye prom look. If you want to do something a little bit in whatever trend, look in magazines, pull out something suitable for you and find something that goes well with your dress style and color. But if you want to do this in any variation, this is simple, easy and really pretty. So that's your basic eye prom look. Next we're going to do face makeup for prom that also is great in photos.

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