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How to Apply Mascara for a Wedding

Learn how to apply mascara expertly from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast wedding makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a makeup artist. I've done makeup on a lot of celebrities Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon. There's a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can. Everybody can and you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that. So we just finished setting her brous for the perfect picture brou. Now we are going to apply mascara in the same way that we previously applied the eye liner and that means as the shadow and that tilt your head back and you are looking down so you can get right through the eye lash easily whether you are doing on yourself or somebody else. So one thing to say if you dont have watery eyes use regular mascara but for weddings its a good choice to use waterproof mascara. So i an gonna go ahead and playback so you can see. I am going to use a waterproof mascara with a plastic wand on it. I like the new plastic wand. You are gotta a lot of separation and a very good,defined lash look kind of brushes it out little bit better than the in my opinion. So we are gonna have wet down and with the forehand i use brush to pull down her eye down and if i got liner inside the bottom of eye i am gonna use the brush not only to protect her eye shadow but to bend the root of the eye.Really keep that lash looking good and pretty took in pictures and some pressure i wanna kind of little more.You can always make it back all though but for the wedding i choose a little more different and i got a little edge so i am gonna screw it up again. So like i said before you can use it translucent powder or you can use a little bit of foundation . So if you just put it on by the smudge of it needs to then use the cream side of the cotton form to wipe it of some little bit more do it all way and with the cream side wipe it of so thats fixed. But now i need to add a little bit of back on so i go back and add a little bit more and fixed you great so that you dont have to take of your makeup.Alright back to the mascara and i am going to not a prime mascara to the bottom hashes. I think it pulls the eye down and that if a specific look you are going for false individuals baby dolly affect but i would rather do just little dots of liner if you want more definition. Again if you mascara tilt your head mid down and just bring it back right up the brush and kind of shape it.So obviously your ashes a lot more than you can think if you can really get it out. So remember generally in photos you will get a little bit of wash of because of the flash. So if you want to look a little bit of more dramatic and person then you normally wear maybe liquid dimer or the mascara. Its probably okay for photos because you want that definition but you also want to keep it classic so it will be a glamorous picture. So that is mascara for weddings

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