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How to Create Highlights with Powder Makeup

Learn how to create highlights with powder from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a make up artist. I've done make up on a lot of celebrities: Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon. There's a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can, everybody can, and you'll place your best attributes and I can tell you how to do that. So now we're going to talk about highlighting and how you can create more dimension on your face with various highlighters. There are many different types of highlighters, you can use a cream, a powder. But what we've already gone over thus far is, foundation, an illuminating cream, a bronzer, blush and we just did light contouring for day. So now we feel like maybe we didn't get enough contouring, but instead of adding a darker colour we're going to add a lighter colour on to the high points of her face so we get that sculpted, really nicely defined highlight, but it can still look natural. So we're gonna start with a large round brush. It's not a blush brush, and it's not really an eye shadow brush. It's a little bit bigger than an eye shadow and a little bit smaller than a blush brush. I like to use the lid of the loose powder, so that you don't get too much at once. Don't want to waste product. And we'll start right on the cheekbone, the top of the cheekbone. So when you see how it really grabs the light. I think just that alone makes a big difference but I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit more because we're going to go out later. So when you put a little on the bow of your lip, it creates also dimension, pulling that forward into your point of view, your perspective. So anything lighter is always going to make it look closer and anything darker will make it push back. So go ahead and go like this a little bit. I'll just put a little bit on to the bow of her lip, take a little bit down the bridge of her nose, once again you don't want to do this if you're an oiler skin type but it can look very pretty at night. And we're also once again going to take it right here, this looks great in photos too, I'll just work a little bit up onto the neck. And I always like to take a little bit back onto the ear. This looks pretty. We already did a little bit of contour right here. I'm just going to take a little bit, not all, but it will give it a little fullness, look very pretty and feminine. Particularly at night, this is like a beautiful finish for candlelit dinners. It really throws this light off beautifully. We're going to avoid the forehead because we don't want to make an oily look, we only want to have a doey, well lit, sexy look. So, that's how I would use a shimmery highlight powder for more of a night time look as a dimension creator instead of adding darker contour, but if you find that you do still want to add more definition and dimension, you can go back and do a deeper contour, not necessarily recommended by me though.

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