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How to Create a Natural Makeup Look for Eyes

Learn how to make up your eyes for a natural look from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast eye makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a makeup artist. I've done makeup on a lot of celebrities: Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon. There is a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can. Everybody can and you'll play to your best attributes. And I can show you how to do that. So we've just finished applying spot concealer around Billy's face, and a light weight, illuminizing moisturizer. Now we're going to work on her eyes. And to keep it natural, we're going to use a lash curler possibly en lieu of mascara. But we might add a little bit of mascara if we need a little more definition. So if you can just look down. When you're doing the curl, you just need to touch it for a moment. There's no need to hold it down. As long as you give a nice hard squeeze, it should be fine. So go ahead and look kind of straight ahead. It won't hurt. Squeeze. And it gives a nice opening to the eye. So this is a clear brow gel and we want to see how little and how shear we can make the look without adding in extra products. So I'm going to use a clear brow gel. I've curled her lashes. But if I need to, I'll go back with a pencil and add more definition to her brows or I'll add mascara if we still need more definition. But maybe we won't so let's start as little as we can and we'll build on it as we need to. So, the clear brow gel, just want to brush it all up and so just hold the brows in place and give them a little bit more of a defined shape. And there and I think that's enough. So we don't have to use more and that's the whole idea of this is to use less. Ok. So we want to give her eyes a little bit more definition. But without going straight into mascara, let's see if we can add a little bit of liner to give that polished, put together look but without, you know, adding extra stuff. So I'm going to pick a pretty natural brown color to define her eyes. And I'm going to use an angled brush to apply it with. Lots of shadows you can also use with a wet brush which will give a very, defined line. But we want to keep it as natural as possible so I'm going to go ahead and use the same brush, but just with a little bit of powder. So let's pick kind of a neutral brown. It's a medium tone brown but we're going to just kind of dust it across her lash line. So I like to start in the middle. So that I think gives some good definition, but I'm going to want to press it a little bit more because I think, first of all, she can handle a little bit more drama. Not drama obviously, but more dramatic than this. So I'm going to do the same liner on her other eye first. And then I am going to add some mascara lightly. So just do little dashes with the brown and angle the brush. And see, the brush is angled so that it fits right onto the eye. So when I'm doing this eye, I flip the brush this way. So it goes along the eye. You can see this way, and then this way. Ok. If you get any shake down, just brush it away. We can always retouch it up later. And to make her bottom lashes also appear a little bit fuller, I'm going to do the same thing underneath but not in a complete line. I'm going to make some small dashes so it just looks like her lashes are thicker on the bottom. So go ahead and look up. So just a little about three evenly spaced. And then you can see it makes the lash line look fuller and thicker but it still doesn't look made up. So once again, three, kind of evenly space, kind of wiggled into the lash line. Just wiggle it a little bit, but we're not connecting the dashes. So it gives just that spaced out lash look. Ok. So we're going to go with mascara and - but, we're going to apply it lightly. And if we feel if it gets to be to dramatic for your natural look, you can always have either an extra brow gel or a clear mascara or a mascara wand to brush it out more so you won't have to completely remove it. But I think that this mascara will work just fine. I'm going to use black instead of brown. I just think she has such beautiful dark hair and dark eyes that she can definitely carry it off without looking too dramatic. But if you're a blonde or a redhead, you might want to use brown if you're doing a really natural makeup look. Look down for me please - all the way. And we're really going to touch it mostly at the base of her lashes because we don't want too much drama. So, touch and pull it up. And we're not going to focus on the ends of the lashes. Nice. It looks really natural. It looks defined and polished but super, super pretty and natural. Ok. So go ahead and look down. And you'll notice with the liner as well as the mascara, I had her look down which is exactly what you should do at home in your mirror. Look down into your mirror and tilt your head back. That way you can get right at the root and pull up. And that is how I would make a natural looking eye that is well defined, but doesn't look made up.

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