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How to Do Taylor Swift Eye Makeup

Learn how to do Taylor Swift makeup from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast eye makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a makeup artist. I've done makeup on a lot of celebrities. Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon. There's a big misconception that "I could never do that look on the runway," and you absolutely can! Everybody can, and you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that. We've just finished the Taylor Swift Red Carpet Ready lips, which are well defined and long wearing. Now we're going to move on to her signature eye and we're going to switch it from our wedding/contour/photo eye. Right on top of what we already have on her eyes I'm going to just blend out the color with you know any clean brush that you have you can kind of, as long as it's a little bit fluffy. We're not going to remove what she has on because it's going to work well; it's neutral. We're just going to blend it out more so it's not so defined, because we're about to do some serious black liner to up the Taylor Swift eye. So go ahead and close for me Delphine. And you don't have to really be very specific about it. Just see how quickly because we did neutrals. It's a clean brush so it's kind of like wiping it off and use like little circular motions with a little bit of pressure and it blends right out. Can you see the difference? (Little circle motions...and brush on the back of your hand) and now it just looks like we have a very clean and neutral lid to work with. So, the next step is going to be the black cat liquid liner. She already has a dark brown liner to define her lash line and fatten it up in photos that we used for the wedding look, but now I'm going to use the liquid black and really give her a little cat Taylor look. So just with a, you know it could be a concealer brush...I used a concealer brush before when I was applying the mascara um to pull the lid up to apply the mascara to the lash line, but now I'm going to go ahead and have Delphine look all the way down and tilt her head all the way up, and I'm going to use a black liquid liner to create the Taylor Swift eye that she's known for. So we're going to go right over the brown...dark brown, and we're going to do it a little bit fatter, and like we did with the brown like don't worry you don't have to do this in one fail(sic) swoop, you're just going to do it in dashes, so...and we're going to take it above. We're not just trying to fatten the lash line at this point for photos, we're really doing a look, and that means above and beyond. So when you're doing this in the mirror at home do the same and see it's a little more dramatic. We've just finished doing the black liner...liquid liner, giving her cat eye effect, but I wanted to show you a trick or tool that you could use, say you didn't get the wing exactly perfect. Um, so I'm going to mess it up a little bit. So lets say you went a little bit too far out, ok? You're like, "Oh no I went too far out that's not cool, that's not cute at all" like um... you're going to take a small either retractable lip brush that I spoke of earlier or something synthetic and small and we're going to use some of the concealer to take away our liner, ok? But we want to keep the liner defined, so instead of using what I've used before to correct mistakes like on the eyelid or whatever um like with a translucent powder or a tiny bit of moisturizer we're going to use concealer because it's black liner so we want to fix it, so we're going to go draw the liner out with the concealer ok? You're going to wipe off your brush cos you're going to maybe use it again. And then we're going to go with a clean q-tip to remove the concealer that we just put on but it's also going to pull off the black liner, so that and you kind of have to twist as you pull out (and you might have to do a little bit more concealer) so that's why we clean the concealer off ah...the concealer brush off because if it doesn't remove it in one do it one more time to get that smudge, and use the other side of the clean q-tip, and it should be pretty perfect. People are often afraid of makeup for the mistake but it doesn't mean you have to re-do it all, you can just fix it. Next, the other eye. (so go ahead and look down)I'm gonna use my brush to kind of get nice and... (close) we'll go back at the end with the black liner to really get that inner corner. Like I said we're really just going on top of your brown liner that you had. (dashes...fattening up the dashes...) And so there's the black liner. What we're going to just take in a little bit into the corner is a black pencil because the liquid liner can move around when you get it inside of the eye a little bit. I've just finished with the black liner and now I just want to go back with a little bit of the pencil right into the inner corner of the eye...ok so when you do this into the mirror or whatever you're still going to tilt your head back but you're going to like try and tilt your head to the side too and get into the mirror so you can get into the corner, because what I'm going to have Delphine do is down and over to the side and I'm going to get right into the corner there. So now I'm going to have you look down and over to this side while I get into this corner of your eye, so there you go. It's pretty easy. You just follow the natural line of your tear duct, but use a pencil liner um just because it's softer on your eye. So that is basically how I would finish the Taylor Swift look. It's already photo ready because of wedding makeup that we applied earlier, and if you didn't see that you can go back and watch that, but it's the defined starlet, red carpet ready, pretty, catty, but youthful look. Taylor Swift! Right here! Delphine

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