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How to Do Taylor Swift Lip Makeup

Learn how to do Taylor Swift makeup from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast lip makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I am a make-up artist.

I have done make-up on a lot of celebrities, Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Binny Travis, Cynthia Nixon. There is a big misconception that I could never do that look on the runway and you absolutely can. Everybody can and you will place your best actor view and I can show you how to do that.

We just finished a perfect classic wedding look that is great for photos. So now we are going to actually turn it into a celebrity Taylor Swift..Taylor Swift red carpet ready look which also means she is photographed all the time. Excited but we are going to change a few elements of the wedding look to turn it into her look. So she is known for her cat eyes, that well defined lip, that fresh young pretty but super polished multimillionaire super star look. So for the Taylor Swift look we are going to define her lips first which is what I am going to show you right now. She just wiped off her wedding photo lip which was glossy. Now we are going to give her a lip stain with a liner and a little bit of a finish lipstick just for moisture's sake so it does not look dry coz stains can look dry but they stay on amazingly. So I am going to go around her lip line with a little bit of concealer. A cream stick concealer is great to carry with you for touch ups and we used a creamy concealer earlier. Its kind of what ever you have is okay but a concealer non the less. So just to avoid any redness I am applying it with a concealer brush but we just want to make it sure that we get that really defined, specific Taylor Swift look.

I am going to start with a stain. It just kind of looks like a marker, but it colors your lips, gives u that pretty, like u just ate a Popsicle in summer kind of look and it will stay on for so long, its awesome. I am sticking in with a few shades of her lips. Start in the center of your lip and work your way out. Once again we are going to keep it modern. Like to start with a little bit of a bow. I think we have all seen Taylor Swifts well defined, popped, bow lip. We'l do this so go ahead and take it over the whole entire lip. Even down to the lip line so you get to pay a little more attention coz its a stain so here we have just the stainer which is really pretty but in order to get give it a really really defined red carpet ready finish we are gonna go in with a lip liner in a similar tone. So I am going to use a lip pencil to further define her lips in order to give that red carpet ready polish. So its kind of a pinky red, the lip stain color but its gonna give more definition. So start in the middle of the lip and with the darker colors, if you saw the previous tutorials of the wedding make up photos, I said you can over draw a bottom of your lip if you wanna give a little bit of a pout but that is with a neutral color lip liner. If you are using a more distinct color , you wanna just stick to your lip shade and be really nice and fine about it. So I like to do the middle and then kind of turn the pencil on the side and then turn the pencil on its other side. That will help with feathering. OK, so that's just the bottom. Then we are going to just fill the outer 2/3rds so leave the center just stain. Ok and I am going from ..and at the end of the look we'll take a little bit of powder translucent again, the same with which we matte her face before around the edge to just make sure that its super clean. Now I am going to add for a little blend ability as well as moisture. A similar tone again of lipstick will but the reason why is coz you are going to get a really long wear. You are going to get a very defined lip but also we wanna keep it looking fresh and youthful so I am just gonna take a lip brush again. Starting with center, keep it all the way to the end coz now we have the stain and the lip liner on. You can take the color all the way. And now I am going to use just to set the lip the translucent powder. Not is it only gonna mattify the lip but it is also going to hold it in place coz what we are in for here with the red carpet Taylor Swift look,is we dont have to have your make up artist running after you, retouching you the whole time. So start on the outside of the lip. Just translucent powder and a fairly flat brush. it could even be flatter than this one and you don't wanna get too much translucent powder. And then, this is really gonna give you the say, gently,very gently just pat it up the whole lip and if you do one side then switch sides for the second side of the lip. So if you do one side , after you need to switch to the other side coz it will have a little bit of lipstick on it. That's it and it will stay on like all night long. So that's the kip part of Taylor Swift look. Its moisturizing, long wearing but really well defined and that pretty bow and it will stay on all night so they are perfect.

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