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How to Pick Makeup Brushes

Let professional makeup artist Patricia Longo teach you how to pick makeup brushes in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Hi I am Patricia Longo and I am a celebrity make up artist. I have worked with models with sports illustrated like Propin Jecker and Julie Henderson to Alice Povin at thirty rock. All those things that experts do that the average person does not know how to do will learn how to do it on these videos. There is so many different brush rolls out there. I prefer sable brushes but there is also squirrel but they are so very nice. They are synthetic brushes but you have to know which one is good for what. I always tell people feel very sensitive skin you want to do the synthetic you don't want any horse hair on your face because I've seen people get allergic to that even though it feel nice for some reasons people get allergic reactions to sable or squirrel and there is all different types and I recommend walking into Safora and letting them know if you're skin sensitive and which brushes would be good for your skin. I wish every cosmetic line will bride on their brushes exactly what the brush does. Meaning if you get a brush and you pull it out it says Eye Brow brush, contour brush , precision brush, blush brush. I think that will help people know which brush is which and whats it used for because thats the most confusing thing because they don't know which brush to use where. And I hope in these videos you'll see how I explain precision brush is or contour brush and I'll show you what an ankle brush does and how I use it for the eye brow . I think that's what is important if they can just learn which brush to use appropriately it will make the application a lot easier. These are some of the brushes that I think every make up artist should have on their kit. First one to me is the powder brush. You have to have the powder brush in order to set the make up with the loose powder finishing powder mineral powder you need a powder brush. The second brush which I think is extremely important is your blush brush. This is the classic blush brush. Its a little round a little fat and I love it and this does the trick for all blushes. A contour brush is very important because you want to contour the face. This is what gives definition to the face this is where you contour your cheeks I contour my jaw I give myself a little definition on the nose. You want a contour brush. This gives precision to the entire face. Of course the first thing you are going to apply on the face is foundation and some people use punches but my favorite thing is using a foundation brush. This is a general typical foundation brush. It almost looks like a paint brush. So basically you're painting the foundation its like when you paint a house its the same way you would paint you're face. So you will have a little paint brush. This is a foundation brush. So now I move on to the eyes when we talk about eye shadow my favourite thing is a flat eye shadow brush and a contour. This one just happens to be ball. I am still talking about the eyes but this one is just a simple eye shadow brush that if you just wanted a basic eye shadowed brush you just go with a simple one like this that puts the eye shadow all over the eyelid. So when I am working with my Mascara and my eye brows on one side is the comb and on the other side is a brush. This is a very very essential brush. Its the brow and comb for the lashes. Now some people like putting on their concealer with their finger or they actually put the product directly on because some concealers come with the stick or a little brush but this is the actual concealer brush that you may have to use if you are using a cream concealer that doesn't have an application so you might need a concealer brush and this really good to touch up the flaws around their face. And then I have the ankle brush this is really great either liner or eyebrow filler. I always like to have an ankle brush because it could do two jobs. So this is really good brush to have on your kit. So some people use mineral powder, finishing powder whatever powder you want and you'll like to use a brush like this because it takes up just the little bit of the powder on the ends and it applies it very lightly. You can also use this as a buffer for foundation. Sometimes I take liquid foundation I just want to add a little on certain spots and this brush can do that too. This is a contour brush. I usually use this for loose powder or even blush and basically what it does it adds a little shine here and a little powder here some highlight there I could contour with this blush brush. And my final brush which I always say is a must is my little lip brush. You need a lip brush in your kit to put that lipstick on or that lipflaws. And I have this one which is a duo where I put lipstick on one side and lip gloss on the other side. So those are the essential brushes for your make up kit.

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