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How to Achieve a Natural Makeup Look

Learn how to achieve a natural makeup look from professional makeup artist Michelle Dittrich in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


My name is Michelle Dittrich and I'm a make-up artist. I've done make-up on a lot of celebrities; Pam Anderson, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz and Thea Nixon. There's a big misconception that "I could never do that look on the runway" and you absolutely can, everybody can, and you'll play to your best attributes and I can show you how to do that. So today we are going to talk about natural make-up for the face. We're first going to start on a well moisturized face, and I'm going to add an illuminizer, which is a light reflective cream before we do some natural concealing. We're actually going to skip foundation and go straight to concealing imperfections, keeping it ultra natural. So instead of foundation, I'm going to use an illuminator, which will throw off light and make the skin appear more perfected, but still give a super natural finish. And you can see how that evens out you skin tone automatically. So Billie already has moisturizer on, I'm just going to add these skin perfecting lotion right on top, a little bit down onto the neck. Always upwards with the rubbing on the face, eyes, anything, gently too. And we wanna make sure we put it everywhere. We can always modify later if we don't want it, but we want it to be evenly distributed and look natural, so if you don't kind of put it everywhere there might be demarkation. Nice, simple, pretty and her skin already looks more perfect. So if we can not use foundation for natural make-up we are not going to, so I'm going to use a light weight concealer to start and if we find that we are not giving an even enough tone, then we'll switch to foundation, but I think that she has clear enough skin that we can just use spot concealing to give her really perfect, but still natural look. So we're using a cream concealer, with a synthetic rounded tip brush, it has kind of a firm texture to it, so I would just squeeze a little bit of a cream concealer, which is heavier than a foundation, but we are not going to apply it all over the face, so it's different. We're going to start in the middle of the face where generally people have most discoloration, and do a little bit under the eyes, followed by any other imperfections that we might find. So generally around the nasal, underneath the eyes almost always, and just use the smallest amount possible because since we're trying to get a really natural look, you can always add more, you can always layer, but you can't always take away without having to redo a few things. So lets start small and work our way up. But you can already see it looks more evened out with just a minimal amount. So there are only a few other spots on her face that I see that need a little evening out and we might go back with some highlighter in lue a foundation as well, because if we want to see the natural variations of the skin it's best to use the smallest amount of any product possible. And as with foundation, concealer, anything, you always want to make sure it matches the neck, so it should blend really easily. So this is the first two steps to a really natural looking make-up, the illuminizing cream and spot concealing instead of foundation.

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