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Krump Battle Rules & Etiquette

Learn krump battle rules and etiquette from choreographer Jamal Cumberbatch in this Howcast dance video.


I am Jamal Cumberbatch. This is Eternity Dance Academy and this is how we do it here. Check us out even more at
This is an introduction to krump dancing. Are you guys ready? 'Cause I know I am, here we go.

The rules and etiquette about krump battling is that you make sure that you stay in krump. You don't want to end up serving, as they say, doing different dance styles. Krump is a form of dance that has all the different elements where it's break dancing, popping, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary. They have all those different styles. But you have to make sure that you stick to krump. You have to make sure you stick to the basics. The foundation of what you're doing. If you don't stick to it, then people are going to call you a server. People are going to say "Hey, that's not krump dancing." That's just a whole 'nother style that's not even what we're trying to do. So the etiquette and rules of krump. Stick to the form. Stick to your foundation and continuously build on top of your Krump.

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