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How to Do Krumping Footwork

Learn some krumping footwork from choreographer Jamal Cumberbatch in this Howcast dance video.


I am Jamal Cumberbatch. This is Eternity Dance Academy and this is how we do it here. Check us out even more at
This is an introduction to krump dancing. Are you guys ready? 'Cause I know I am, here we go.
So now were going to talk about footwork-thats the best part of Krump dancing. The footwork has to be nice, clean, sharp and interesting. You want to have great footwork. Who did I study? I studied Michael Jackson. He showed great movement, he showed gentleness, he showed smoothness-thats what you want to use; you want to be smooth in your footwork. You want to have a great technique and a foundation. So, you want to make sure its interesting and creative-thats the best part about footwork. Create your footwork and have great energy and power to make sure its nice, clean and sharp.

Now I'm going to show you some Michael Jackson moves. I'm going to show you how sharp I became with my moves after I watched Michael Jackson. So lets step back and I'm going to show you a little bit. What I did, I like to use my feet and bring my knees up. He always liked to bring his knees up but, it was like really nice and smooth-crazy,fun, character, boom, snap, slides, he loved to show those movements. Thats what you need to use. Your movements need to be smooth, sharp and intricate in your Krump movement. So when your using your Krump style, you want to make sure you like to snap, boom, tap-tap-showing the movement, boom. Footwork is very important when your going into your Krump style-show that. Watch Michael Jackson; Sharp, nice and make sure you have that in your Krump style with your footwork-use it!

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