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How to Balance While Doing Parkour

Learn how to balance to improve your parkour game in this Howcast parkour video with expert Ann Kaczka.


My name is Ann Kaczka, I've been practicing Parkour since 2007. My first day training was with David Belle at the New Yorker festival. And since then I've trained solo in Thailand, climbing trees on the streets of London and Paris. And now I'm back in New York City. And today I'm here to talk to you about Parkour.. How do you do balance? Well, the first thing would be to start balancing on something. You could try a rounded rail like this, but if you know, if you have something else in your area, a thin wall, or a flat wooden rail, you could certainly use that as well. Um, I've even used 2x4s in my backyard to practice balancing. So you don't have to have you know, a metal rail um, and concrete somewhere near you in order to practice balancing. You can try walking forwards, backwards, you can try closing your eyes. Obviously if your cautious enough and you are confident enough in your balancing skills. Another thing you can also do is turn and balance on the balls of your feet and do squats. That's a variation that would certainly um, you know, build up your jump. You can gain muscle from doing the squats as well as practicing your balancing skills at the same time.

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