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How to Get Hypnosis Training

Learn how to get hypnosis training from clinical hypnotherapist Debbie Catz in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Debbie Catz. I'm a certified clinical hypnotherapist here in the San Francisco Bay area. I have a masters degree in social work. To learn more about this you can visit my website at And now I'm going to help you understand the simplicity of hypnosis. The first thing you wanna do is know what your goals are . What is it you hope to do with the hypnosis? Is it just for your own use? Or do you hope to use it professionally? There are many programs. There are schools of hypnotherapy that you can choose from. I recommend that you have a goal in mind, what it is you wanna do, what kind of hypnosis you wanna do, hypnotist, hypnotherapy. Whatever it is you wanna do. And then do some research and find the school that's best for you. Talk to people who have attended them and go and interview the administrative staff there, and find out, how long is it gonna take, how many units, how many classes, how much does it cost. And so, check out a few of them and compare and contrast. And also keep in mind, what your future goals are and how much training you're going to need, advanced training after you've gone to just the basic. Most of the schools will offer you basic hypnosis and then there's usually additional training that you want to take. Some schools are just for the lay person that want to just kind of have some basic skills. And then there's other programs, like the one that I attended, was specifically for a clinician therapist, and you had to be a therapist with an advanced degree in order to go to that school and do that training. And then sometimes you can, after you've gotten your basic training in, sometimes there are programs specific to what you want to do, like I did hypnobirthing. So I wanted to learn to work with natural childbirth and to teach it. And that's why I took hypnobirthing. And then from that I went on to do other things that I wanted to do like hypnofertility. And so there's special schools as well once you get the basics down. So it's good to have in mind what it is you wanna be doing. What you see yourself doing. And then find the appropriate school. But always make sure that they're licensed and certified and up to date on all of the requirements by the state. And that they're practicing in an ethical way

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