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How to Do a Parkour Dive & Landing Roll

Learn how to do a dive and landing roll in this Howcast parkour video featuring expert Ann Kaczka.


My name is Ann Kaczka, I've been practicing Parkour since 2007. My first day training was with David Belle at the New Yorker festival. And since then I've trained solo in Thailand, climbing trees on the streets of London and Paris. And now I'm back in New York City. And today I'm here to talk to you about Parkour.So, a landing roll and a diving roll. A landing roll is pretty much a roll that you're going to utilise when you're jumping up and you can't quite stick the landing or when the impact is just too much to take straight on. When you're rolling, you're going to roll from one of your shoulders to your opposite hip. So, I prefer rolling onto my left. I'm going to roll on my left shoulder and come out rolling onto my right hip. A diving roll you're going to be using the same motion as the landing roll, you're rolling from opposite shoulder to opposite hip except, with the diving roll you're using it in order to get over an obstacle.

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