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How to Create an Anchor Nail Art Design

Learn how to create an anchor nail design in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi I'm Miss Pop, a New York City based nail artist, and we are here at my favorite bar/nail salon. Beauty Bar, right here on 14th St in New York City. Today I'm going to show you my favorite nail designs and let you in on some secrets. So lets get started. So if your like me you might have a mouth of a sailor. But now you can have nails to match. RIght now I'm just doing some red and white stripes as my background for an anchor. Just go in with a motter and your navy on it, a big one this time because you going to want to put a little dot in the middle when you add the center of the anchor later on. Now you just want to load up your brush with some navy and do a couple swipes. you wanna do like a y upside down with a little curve. Then curve it out the same way on the other side. Then just like little arrow heads on the side. give your self plenty of space to make them sort of y arrow so it resonates. And Now with going with the other side a tinier modder and just drop some white right in the center so it give it the hook look. Just add some top coat and hello sailor.

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