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How to Create a Rage Comics Nail Art Design

Learn how to create a Rage Comics nail design in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi I'm Miss Pop, a New York City based nail artist, and we are here at my favorite bar/nail salon. Beauty Bar, right here on 14th St in New York City. Today I'm going to show you my favorite nail designs and let you in on some secrets. So lets get started.
So let's get started. This one goes out to all you "redditers" out there. We're going to do Rage Comic's Derpette. Okay so I'm just bringing some black in on this one to get started. Keep your "Derp" quality by messing with it a little. Don't do anything too straight or too sharp. So now we're going to go with a little yellow and do her hair. You don't want this yellow to be too bright, because in the actual comic it's more of a dirty blond. Now you just want to go back in with your black and give her a cute little bow. Then outline her hair, but don't do it too heavy. You just want to give it that pen look still. Again you don't want to worry about having too much paint on your brush because you do want it to look thin and penciled. Make a kind-of straight line for the mouth. Now I've got the little motter with black on it to dot the eyes. Absolutely make them look crooked. One on one side one on the other to give her that "what?" look. Just put a top coat on and there you go. You've got your Derpette. Nailed it!

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