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How to Create a Neon Swan Nail Art Design

Learn how to create neon swan nail art designs in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi I'm Miss Pop, a New York City based nail artist, and we are here at my favorite bar/nail salon. Beauty Bar, right here on 14th St in New York City. Today I'm going to show you my favorite nail designs and let you in on some secrets. So lets get started.. Now we're doing neon swan. It's geometric and fabulous. So I'm actually just going to use the nail art brush, just the way it comes out of my container. As you can see it's like, long and thin. It's just perfect for getting the perfect V-shape. You don't need any special brushes for this one. Since this yellow is so much thinner and lighter than the hot pink, you've got to do a couple of coats. And I know it's starting to look a little lumpy but don't worry, once you get your top coat on no one's going to see that. And now just, again with the nail art brush, same one as in the bottle, just make a simple stripe. This is just a straight-up black. You can add anything. Sometimes I like to do it with silver, sometimes I like to do it with gold. OK. Now I'm going to make those lumps disappear with some top coat. And we're done! You've got a neon swan.

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