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How to Use Hairpins

Learn how to create a few easy hair updos using hairpins in this Howcast hair tutorial featuring celebrity hairstylist Jacqueline Bush.


My name is Jacqueline Bush and I'm an editorial in celebrity hairstyles. My clientele has included Faith Hill, Mark Ruffalo, Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Krakowski. I want to be able to show you that hair isn't as intimidating or as hard as you think it is and I want you be able to have fun with it and do what your vision is with your hair. Today I'm going to show you how to use hair pins. Now you might be asking yourself, what is the difference between a hair pin and a bobby pin? Hair pins are like these guys I have here in my hand. They're U-shaped pins. They can be with a flat, they can have serrated edges. Well I guess, serrated in the middle. They can be of different sizes. A bobby pin gives a different kind of hold. As you can see, both metal parts of the pin are close together. Whereas the hair pins are u-shaped. So we're gonna learn how to use these guys. So I've pinned Monica's hair up in a pony tail because the best way to show how to use hair pins is to do a quick chignon, very simple. Im gonna use these guys, they give a lot of hold. They're the hair pins are are long u-shaped and they're a little bent in the middle because this bent action gives more hold. So what Im going to do is go into the hair with the open edges. Go in and then go out, as you can see, coming out the other hand. Then, Im going to connect it to the hair on the scalp. Let me show you that again. In, out and in again. And when you go in again, it's got to be into this hair here. Now I'm going to show you how to use a hair pin on this kind of hair. Because you could attach this kind of hair with a bobby pin if you wanted it tighter. But when you use a tinier u-pin,thats just when you want a little bit of hold. but you don't want it so tight against the skin. So you do the same principle. You're gonna go in, out, and then into the scalp. Sometimes they get a little bit wide. Im gonna squeeze this one so it's a little narrower. I don't like em too wide because then the hair slips. Im gonna take that hair I want pinned. I pushed the two ends up and through, and then I'm gonna go into the scalp and back in. What you don't want is to go in. This way's okay. If you go straight up, it can slide up. It's better to go across, even down's okay. And there you got it into the head. And that's how you use a hair pin.

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