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How to Get the Hollywood Glam Look

Learn how to get hair that's Hollywood glam with this Howcast hair tutorial featuring celebrity hairstylist Jacqueline Bush.


My name is Jacqueline Bush and I'm an editorial in celebrity hairstyles. My clientele has included Faith Hill, Mark Ruffalo, Terrance Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Krakowski. I want to be able to show you that hair isn't as intimidating or as hard as you think it is and I want you be able to have fun with it and do what your vision is with your hair

So, now I'm gonna show you how to get Hollywood "Glam" hair. What I'm gonna show you is a very simple, easy pattern that you can follow... easy curling pattern that you can follow on your own hair. It's gonna give a you beautiful, old-- old-school Hollywood-glamor look.

What I've already done is pulled our-- our, you know, a large section of our model's hair up away. I've put in a little bit of heat protector... We'll put in a little more... Just a squeeze more at her ends... Always use a heat protector before you're using a heat product. Heat protectors come in creams, serums, sprays... I'm gonna comb that through, just to make sure it's really well-distributed.

Now, as you've noticed... if you'll just turn your head to the side for me, thank you... What I've taken is just, you know, about half-inch to an inch above the ear. I've taken that down all the way around. This is our first section. They don't have to be super small, these sections, but I want enough that I can have control. What's important in this sectioning, it's more about it can be... more vertical? But skinnier? You don't want it to be too wide 'cause this is gonna be the difference in the curl pattern.

Now, the first section that we're gonna do is the one right in front of her ear. What I've taken is-- is about... about an inch. The reason I say that is it's based on the size of my iron. We're gonna silk the iron once through the hair. Now, we're gonna curl the iron in the direction towards her face. Remember what I said about if you're worried about the ends... you can get the ends later... See, that's actually pretty curly... And I like to leave, you see that end? It's not completely curled, I liked to leave it a little more natural but you can curl it a little more under if you want. We're gonna do this all around the hair. As I go towards the back, I'm actually gonna take a little bit of a large section. And like I said, you can even do this in larger sections than what I'm doing. The reason I'm combing it once is I'm just getting all those little hairs... so that making sure they'll all get through the iron. I'm gonna silk it one more time because it's a bigger section. And the reason I decided to do that... is because the hair didn't feel hot enough. Remember, I told you the silking is what's helping... it's just helping the curl take a little better. So we're going through... Now if you have a larger section, you wanna hold the iron for a little bit of a longer period of time. 'Cause there's more hair to heat. We've gotta go all the way through... We're just gonna leave these, don't comb through them, don't brush them. Just section that out, curl it, and let it sit until it's cooled completely. Even over here, towards her hair, we're gonna pull down the next section.

Now this section's a lot larger. It's about two inches in height, but you could even do three. We're gonna stick to two. The reason with her is because she's got so much hair, I wanna make sure we get enough curl in there to really give it that Hollywood glamor. Because you have to remember, after we do this, we're gonna brush it all out and so some of that curl's gonna go away. So, I just wanna show you on this side... it's only an inch wide, but it's two inches long. We're gonna silk it, and as you notice, we were towards the face here; we're gonna do the same on this side. Taking our iron, curling it towards the face... and just for a quick moment, I'm keeping my iron moving... And we're gonna go all the way around the head.

So I've curled these two sections of hair. As we do the top, this is the important part that I wanted to show you. To get the old Hollywood glamor part of it is in the parting. They did deep side parts then. The way you can measure that is the highest point of your eyebrow, which on our model is right here. You're gonna go ahead, it's actually perfectly sectioned at... and that's gonna be your part. The back, we can pull that back a little. She's got her deep part, I'm gonna put in the heat protector, curl these towards her face, and then we'll show you the next step.

Okay, so we're on our last section of hair here. What I like to do, this is the little front piece; this is important... What I like to do is we're gonna silk it... I'm gonna do the first part away from her face... and then, I'm gonna do this last bit curled towards her face and you'll see why. You don't have to, you can curl the whole thing towards your face if you feel like that's too complicated. Then what we're gonna do... the . whole thing is cooled except for this front little bit, but it'll cool in a moment. We're gonna take a little bit of Pomade... I'm using a shine, uh, styling wax on her. I'm gonna just piece by piece, curl by curl, I rubbed a little bit, about a dime-sized amount, in my hand. Running it through the curls 'cause it's gonna give it a little extra shine, as you can see, it's already starting to get shinier. And a little more hold... Do the same thing with the other side. We can throw in a little hairspray on our smoothing brush. This is the next step. What this is gonna do is tame down all those fly-aways and we're gonna brush through those curls and I'm gonna do the same thing on the other side... Spray a little hairspray on our brush; we're gonna brush through those curls...

Now you have the option here... as you can see, remember how small of sections I did and how when you brush it out, the curl gets smaller. You can, to make your hair fuller... this is a little trick... take about half your hair... you have the bottom half, you have the top half. You can tease with your smoothing brush underneath. Then you can tease this section here... take it all on top, smooth it again. It's gonna give it a little more volume... and make this stay together a little more. As you notice, I'm smoothing the top. They liked it very nice and smooth. Add a little more to those ends if your ends are looking dry. Back then it was all about control and shine. You can even spray a little bit behind the ear... Spray. With my hands, I'm just gonna smooth that down. And I can even take my Mason Pearson... smooth it down some more. As you can see... Gave it quite a nice bit of control and shine. Brush it out a little more, add a little extra hairspray for hold, and... we're all done! That's how you get Hollywood glam hair

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