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How to Do a Simple Vault, Speed Vault, & Thief Vault

Learn how to do a simple vault, a speed vault, and a thief vault in this Howcast parkour video with expert Ann Kaczka.


My name is Ann Kaczka, I've been practicing Parkour since 2007. My first day training was with David Belle at the New Yorker festival. And since then I've trained solo in Thailand, climbing trees on the streets of London and Paris. And now I'm back in New York City. And today I'm here to talk to you about Parkour. What is a vault? A vault, you're pretty much using your body to get over an obstacle, whether it be a wall, a railing, a bancha box, whatever's in your way. So, you're going to be using your hands and your feet, sometimes together, sometimes not, to get over the obstacle. In a simple vault, you're going to be using, probably both of your hands and both of your feet just to get over the obstacle, no matter which way you can. A speed vault is going to be a vault where you use one hand and no feet to get over. So, if you're using your left hand, then your feet are going to go up and to the right, over the wall without touching. If you're using your right hand, then it's going to be the opposite and your feet are going to be over the left and not touching. In a feet vault, you're going to approach the obstacle from the diagonal, as opposed to most other vaults where you're approaching head on. You're going to plant the hand closest to the obstacle on, swing your legs up and over, and follow through by pushing off with your opposite hand.

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