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What Is an Industrial Piercing aka Scaffold Piercing?

Learn about an industrial piercing, aka scaffold piercing or construction piercing, from professional body piercer Dana Dunn in this Howcast video.


My name's Dana Dunn. I've been working in the piercing business going on 6 years now. I do typically about 3,000 to 4,000 a year. I work at Pins and Needles Tattoo. We have a website Piercing is my life and I'm going to talk to you about body piercing. Industrial piercing is a piercing that consists of two holes at the top of the ear. It is more typically known as an industrial piercing. You won't really hear any other, scaffolding or anything like that. Some piercers prefer to use two hoops to start and then, it gets switched into a bar. The length is usually about an inch and a quarter. Sometimes, you do use an inch and a half depending on the size of the ear. the gauge it is pierced wit his a 14 gauge, which is standard for it. Again, it's two piercings. The top one is done first. It's at a slight angle and the jewelry is inserted through that and then, a second piercing is performed on the back of the ear. And then, the jewelry is sent through that same thing. Healing time for the industrial is a little long compared to regular cartilage piercing just because of the gauge size and sleeping habits, everything like that. You do tend to lay on it a lot so, it can take a little bit long for an industrial to heal but, you really can't give up on it. It is one of those ones that does take a little bit of dedication to really enjoy your industrial piercing.

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