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How to Play Harmonica with John Popper

Learn about John Popper, one of Howcast's harmonica experts, in this video.


Blues Traveler was some friends of mine in high school, and we were all musically inclined and decided to become a band. We wrote our own songs and jammed out a lot in our drummer's parents' basement. Decided to sort of arrange the offer that all of our parents made to sort of fund us if we went to college, in a very lucrative way were we all sort of went to college one way or another in New York and really just kind of skipped class and rehearsed a lot and figured out how to support ourselves playing music, and once we did, we quit college and made a go of it as a band and just kept going. Eventually we were playing various places like the Nightingale Bar, which sort of led to us playing wetlands. And the people we went to college with would come and see us play, and we developed a following, and also friends from high school would come and see us play. It wasn't long before we were playing at Barnard Campus, where the son of Bill Graham (David Graham) saw us play and told his father about us. And he was about to graduate from Columbia University and get into the business with his dad, and his dad thought it would be good to manage us; and it was about that time that A&M Records was seeing the crowds we were drawing just on word of mouth and decided to sign us to a contract, and we've been going ever since. I think we are working on our twelfth album, eleventh album, something like that. I think we just totaled like thirteen million records. We've got six platinum records and maybe a gold or two in there, and it's been, it'll be twenty five years next year of us doing basically that.

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