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How to Create a Mexicali Roses Nail Art Design

Learn how to create a Mexicali roses nail design in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi I'm Miss Pop, a New York City based nail artist, and we are here at my favorite bar/nail salon. Beauty Bar, right here on 14th St in New York City. Today I'm going to show you my favorite nail designs and let you in on some secrets. So lets get started.

Now we're going to do a print inspired by my favorite designer, Betsey Johnson. They're Mexicali roses!

So first, I'm just going to use my regular polish brush and just go in and make like a big giant smudge basically. Don't worry too much about like its shape or its... it should be sort of like a bud of a rose.

And now I'm going to come in with pink - just a bright pink.

So while those big things are drying, just go in and do your leaves. Just using a medium-sized brush, I just try to do a good directional leaf shape.

So you just want to go in with a lighter green and do like a little bit of a vein.

So now we're going to go in with the opposite color so I'm going to do pink on the red and just pick out like a little.. some petals!

Now we're going to do the same thing on the pink - just in red!

Just add some topcoat and you've got some budding Betsey Johnson Mexicali roses!

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