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How to Create a Moon & Stars Nail Art Design

Learn how to create a moon and stars nail design in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi I'm Miss Pop, a New York City based nail artist, and we are here at my favorite bar/nail salon. Beauty Bar, right here on 14th St in New York City. Today I'm going to show you my favorite nail designs and let you in on some secrets. So lets get started.

Now we're going to do Moon and Stars. So you just get some grey on your brush and do a big old moon. You don't have to worry too much about laying down an even coat of grey for the moon, because you know in the sky it's got those craters, so if you let the black show through it actually helps it. So I'm going actually to go in with a darker grey and try to dot out some bigger craters.

And now we're going to up its adorable powers by putting in little teeny tiny stars. So first you make like a V, and then just a stripe across the top. So now to make them look like they're shooting and to add some other smaller stars, I'm just going to go in with just a little bit of glitter. Just the less that's on your brush, usually the better here. And then if you want to add some extra sparkle, you can lay in some rhinestones for big huge mega fabulous stars. Add some topcoat ‚and there's your moon with stars!

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