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How to Do Nail Art

Learn about nail art in this video.


Hi, I'm Miss Pop a New York City based nail artist and we're here at my favorite bar/nail salon, Beauty Bar, right here on 14th Street in New York City. So I first started painting my nails when I was 3 years-old. I'm kind of ambidextrous, so I had an advantage against the other 3 year-olds, I was using my Tinkerbell polish. But then once I hit, sort of like grammar school, I went to a school with uniforms and the only way I could express myself was by making my digits sing. So I got really into nail art and I've been doing it ever since.

I love it when people stop me on the street and tell me I've got some fly looking fingers. So if you see me in New York, don't be shy, say Hi.

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