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How to Become a Singer

Learn how to become a singer from vocal coach Cari Cole in this Howcast singing tutorial.


So Im gonna give you some tips today for how to become a singer. There are many many elements involved in this, but I would say, number one: sing. If you want to be good at golf, practice golf. If you want to be good at singing, you sing. It cant be something that lives in your head as a dream. It has to be tangible reality. You have to do it. You have to do it every day. I recommend practicing a lot at home, wether you play piano or guitar, or wether you're just singing A cappella in your room. Its a daily thing. You get up in the morning and you brush your teeth and comb your hair and you sing. And you go do your day and you come home and you sing. You know, it is a lifestyle. It is something that you don't just do it occasionally and you don't just do it from the perspective of "Oh I have a voice and it's right here. I can sing, so I'm a singer." No, you have to respect the craft. You have to get into the structure. You have to sing, you have to study other singers. You have to study genres. Blues and R&B, which is the basis for all pop music, so you understand what they are. So if you want to become a singer, and I assume, become a really good singer, on whatever level that is for you. So wether you want to become a folk singer or an R&B singer or a jazz singer, wether you want to be the greatest singer in the world or just express your songs, whatever your goals are it won't be accomplished without you doing it every day. And that's number one, and that's exciting, because when you start to do it every day you start to notice the results. I also recommend you play an instrument. There are a lot of singers out there that don't. Pink doesn't play but she composes awesome songs,, so you don't have to, but I really recommend it. Otherwise singers are really vulnerable to their accompanists. As a songwriter you're just gonna write singing A cappella, which can be cool, but you're gonna get a lot more diversity in your style of songwriting from playing piano or playing guitar. I like when my artists play an instrument, and it's really great for co-writing as well. And, I think the biggest message I have is to take it seriously and when you take it seriously it becomes not only a craft but a lifestyle as I mentioned before. You wanna immerse yourself in it and go out and see the local talent and create a network of musicians and artists around you as well. Once you're ready, get yourself in the music business. There are so many artists that sit outside the music business. All the opportunities, besides the occasional viral video and other things that happen to catapult an artist into the public eye, most of those people have been working quite some time at their craft. When you take it seriously like that and you really become a musician and a singer, its an incredibly rewarding experience. So take it seriously and thats a big part of becoming a singer. I hope it helps you

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