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Does Hoodia Really Promote Weight Loss?

Learn if Hoodia really promotes weight loss in this Howcast video featuring dietician Lisa Moskovitz.


Hi, my name is Lisa Moskovitz and I'm a registered dietitian and certified in the state of New York, with a private practice on the upper east side. I specialize in weight management, exercise and sports nutrition. And I'll be talking to you about diets. Hoodia--does it really promote weight loss? Well, hoodia happens to be a South African plant, and what it claims to do is work with the satiety sensor in your brain which signals a chemical that says, 'You've had enough to eat.' It claims to reduce your total calorie intake by almost fifty percent. If it really works or not, well that's still left up to scientists and research debates it, Studies proving that this pill is effective are lacking or inconclusive. However there has been no harmful or dangerous side effects reported to this date. Even though hoodia is not harmful or dangerous, it's still not approved by the FDA, so you don't really know what you're getting in it. In my opinion, I don't necessarily think that this is an effective way to lose weight. You're better off just cutting your total calories and increasing your exercise.

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