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How to Sing like Katy Perry

Learn how to sing like Katy Perry from vocal coach Cari Cole in this Howcast singing tutorial.


Hi I'm Cari Cole. I'm a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I've worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I've worked with the band Journey. I'm going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer. So i'm going to give you a few tips for how to sing like Katy Perry. One of the things right away that I as a vocal coach hear in Katy Perrys' voice is a really good tone, so I know that she's trained and low and behold when I went to search and find out how she trains- she has trained classically, so I could hear that tone in her voice. She trained from 9 to 16. She trained operatically, so that's one of the elements. She also stylistically uses some interesting things. She uses the uh-oh-oh, oh-oh. Those little glottals are all throughout her music, like Britney Spears did, she has continued along in that legacy. I think one of the keys to her success has been song choice. She works a lot with Doctor Luke who I just actually had a master session with at the ASCAP Expo Conference, which was awesome. He broke down the E.T song and showed us the whole design of how they created that track and how she came in and she just sang a scatch vocal and the scratch vocal ended up being the final vocal on the record. But that's because she was very- she's a very good singer. She has a wide range and she works really hard at that she's also a really good song writer. So she's the real deal. She's done her work. How to sing like her, really pay attention to her diction. You know, she'll use- Like she doesn't sing "I" straight up it's "ah". There's almost like a country drawl to it but it sounds cool when it's put over pop tracks so pay attention to her diction this is something that producers will do with you in the studio they'll make these corrections. It was something she too had to learn. I think a lot of it comes from diction so pay a lot of attention to how she's pronouncing it. I think that's a big key for her.

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