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Performance Secrets of American Idol Winners

Learn performance secrets of American Idol winners from vocal coach Cari Cole in this Howcast singing tutorial.


Hi, I'm Cari Cole. I'm a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert and I help artists find their voice, craft their music and create successful music careers. I've worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole. I've worked with the band Journey. I'm going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer.

So I'm going to give you a few tips for performance secrets for American Idol winners. I have worked with American Idol's and I have worked with finalists and many of the contestants on the show. Its a very intense show and there's a lot of pressure on and you have to learn a lot of songs very quickly. I think some of the big main topics, some of the main things that these singers know is that over-rehearsing is really important. You can't just sing through a song once or twice that you've to really know it. A cappella and with the accompaniment and that when you know it a cappella then you're not relying upon what's happening musically and it just makes it more solid for you. We know that song choice is king. Song choice meaning lyrical you know- choice, finding the song that fits you like a glove is really not an easy thing to do. I can't tell you how many times in this studio we have poured through material looking for the right songs for a particular artist and it can definitely make or break you. Also in the way that you perform those songs . . . you never want to sing it like the singer ever. You always want to bring your own interpretations. Singing it like the singer is just an [disapproving sound]. It's not interesting. It sounds like you are trying to sing karaoke and you know. . . you want to change up those notes. So you also want to . . . some of the secrets that Idol contestants use is changing the tempo. Also performance is super important. It's not just about the voice even though American Idol is a vocal competition, its also a competition about the full person. So it really is about how the person delivers that. it's not just about the technical voice. It's about the expression of that voice and I think that more than anything, if I was to say there was one secret to singing I think this is it. I think the secret to being a great singe and getting people to rise to their feet in standing ovation is actually what you give them emotionally. It's not technically what you sing and that's kind of an intangible but there's a little trick to it and this is what it is - whatever you want your audience to feel you feel it. So if you want your audience to feel this is joy you know then you feel that. If you feel that it will translate. If you want your audience to feel the pain of that song then you reach down inside yourself and you feel that and you of-course also have to learn how to bring that to your face, but that will translate. That's what you are doing as a singer, as a performer is communicating.

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