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How to Warm Up Your Voice by Singing Vowels

Learn how to warm up your voice by singing vowels from vocal coach Cari Cole in the second video of a four-part Howcast series.


Hi I'm Cari Cole. I'm a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I've worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I've worked with the band Journey. I'm going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer. So voice warm up number 2, the best thing to do next is to warm up your vowels. So singing, as singers we sing on the vowels, and we want to make our vowels nice and clear. So we're going to sing ah, eh, eee, i, and oh. And as I'm singing, notice how my mouth is a little more open, that's more correct singing and that's better singing. When a singer is singing with jaw tension their jaw will tend to be closed and their vowels will sound more gutteral. So good singing is a nice open mouth but not over-open, but that its open and also that the jaw is a little bit further lengthened instead of going wider. Ok so instead of ahhh, I'm going ahh, and that creates more shape for the sound to actually resonate inside the mouth, and it makes it easier to sing. Ok, so we're going to sing oh, ahh, aaaeee to start. So we're going to sing ohhhhh ahh aaaee, ohhh ahh aaaeee. So I'm going to go up the scale, just follow me. Ohh ahh aaeee, oh ahh aaeee, oh ahh aaeee, ohh ahh aaeeee. Then aaaee ahhh oh. Aaaeee ahh oh, aaeee ahh oh. Continue. Aaeee ahh oh, aaeee ahh oh. EEE ahhh oooo. And on eee, the tendency is to go eeee, but I want eeeeeeeee, eeee ahhh ooooo, and, eeee ahhh ooooo, eeee ahhh ooooo, continue up, eeee ahhh ooooo, eeee ahhh ooooo. Then ooo ahh eeee. Ooo ahh eeee, ooo ahh eeee. Ooo ahh eeee, ooo ahh eeee. Ahh eee ooo. Ahh eee ooo, ahh eee ooo. Eee ooh ahh. Eee ooh ahh, eee ooh ahh. Ooo, eee ahh. Ooo, eee ahh, ooo, eee ahh. Oh aaeee ahh. Oh aaeee ahh, oh aaeee ahh. So I want you to watch how I sang and the positions for the different vowels from my mouth and if you notice that my mouth didn't change a whole lot, but my lips had a little bit of action. Again this is really good singing. Why? Because we want all of our vowels to really come from the same place. We want whether I'm singing ahhh aaeee eeee ahh aeeee ooo. Notice how when my mouth doesn't move around a whole lot, the sound stays the same. So what we don't want is, ahhh aeeee eeeee ahhh eeeee oh ooooo. Right so those extra motions, closing the jaw, really screws around with the sound. So this is a great exercise to warm up your vowels.

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