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How to Tease Hair for Volume

Learn how to tease your hair for volume in this Howcast hair tutorial featuring celebrity hairstylist Jacqueline Bush.


My name is Jacqueline Bush and I am an editorial and celebrity hair stylist. My clientele has included Faith Hill, Mark Ruffalo, Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Krakowski. I want to be able to show you that hair isn't as intimidating or as hard as you think it is and I want you to be able to have fun with it and do what your vision is with your hair.

Today I'm going to show you how to tease the hair. Now there are couple of different tools you can use to tease the hair and I'm going to show you those tools so you understand the difference. And what those are going to do is show how much of a tease you get. You can tease with a wide tooth comb, you can tease with a very hard, this looks like a tooth brush but you get it at the hair store, its very stiff, these bristles. You can tease with a teasing comb. And the reason this is called a teasing comb is because if you look the teeth are different shape‚ uhh sizes. And lastly you can tease with a brush. Mason Pearson brush, the bristles are very close together that's why you can tease with it. So I'm going to start out showing you teasing with the toothbrush/hair brush. This one you would use at the very root of the hair. This is what I use when I don't want to show, I just want a little bit of extra lift, I don't want anybody to see the teasing I've done. So I take just a little section of hair‚ Monica keep your head a little forward for me‚ about the size of the toothbrush and thickness. So you see its about that size,and at the root what you're going to do‚ I'm going to come around here‚ I'm going to take the bristles of the brush and make a kind of C shaped motion to get that teasing at the root. I'll just show you behind so you guys can see. So we have a little bit of teasing. The next trick is what's going to lock it in. We're going to spray a little hair spray. Now you're going to dry it. It's going to lock it in even further. Just for a second. Just put your head forward for me. Now as you can see I haven't smoothed out the top yet. Because it's a toothbrush, it's so fine I hardly need to that. But I'm going to that just a little bit with the same toothbrush. Gets all those little baby hairs. Put your head up for me. As you can see it gives a little lift but still keeping it soft and smooth. Now using the same action I'm going to show you a couple of different tools just so you understand the difference. You can perform the same action with this‚ its actually called a teasing comb with the serrated edges. Go around Monica's other side. Now this is if I want a little more lift‚ a little more teasing. Now depending on how much you want to tease is going to be how thick the section is. So I have my section here‚ I am going to take my comb and start, the shaft /top, doesn't really matter. Going to take that down right down to the base. If I tease through here, you see how it leaves through here, that depends where you want the volume. Right now I want it at the root. So I'm going to get right in there, right at the base of the root. So you can see there is a lot of teasing created here. Now as I flip the hair over, now you can see some of the teasing showing through. So you can take either that toothbrush or Mason Pearson which is a smoothing brush and I'm just going to smooth out the top of that as you can see. It gives a little more lift. This side has a little more lift than this side. This side's a more natural look. Or another trick you can do is take a wide tooth comb. There's a great trick if you want to break up your curls or give a little extra volume down here but still having it look soft, is underneath, you always tease from underneath unless you want to create frizz. If I were to tease on top, see how it gets these nice little frizzies which is great if you're doing a magazine shoot but probably not so cute in everyday life unless you like that which is sometimes fun. But you're going to take from the bottom of your hair, I'm just going to do the same action, brushing the comb towards the root. So pushing it in towards the root. So as I said before you can create volume without teasing but this is actually a much more consumer friendly way of creating volume. It's a little bit easier, you can be out, you can have your comb in your purse and you can do this in the bathroom. The final method I'm going to show you is how to tease with a Mason Pearson brush or a flat brush. The key is that you can honestly do this even with a Velcro brush or a round brush‚its just‚ the key is the bristles need to be closer together. So I'm going to again take the bristles and push them toward the root really get in the extra volume, push it towards the root and as you can see‚ you can see how much teasing that gives. Now it looks like a big rats nest right? So again we want to smooth it out. Which depending on the effect you want. I tend to always smooth out my teasing a little bit. The difference between cute messy undone and just messy floppy. There you have that extra volume just by teasing underneath and a little bit of smoothing on top. And that's how you tease the hair.

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