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Common Hair Braid Mistakes

Learn how to avoid common hair braid mistakes with this Howcast hair tutorial featuring celebrity hairstylist Jacqueline Bush.


My name is Jacqueline Bush and I'm an editorial in celebrity hairstyles. My clientele has included Faith Hill, Mark Ruffalo, Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Krakowski. I want to be able to show you that hair isn't as intimidating or as hard as you think it is and I want you be able to have fun with it and do what your vision is with your hair

So I'm gonna show you how to braid hair correctly. Now, there are a couple of things that you need to know and if you know these essential tips, you're gonna be good to go and braiding is gonna be a piece of cake for you. The first thing is as hair texture. What you don't want when braiding the hair is having the hair be too soft. Because if it's too soft, too silky, it's just gonna slip right out of the braid. If you decide to start with the hair wet that's great, that's gonna give a lot of hold already, you can put, as the hair's wet, you can just put a little product in before, or if your hair is dry as Monica's is and just in the middle of the day you wanna start your braid you can put a little hair spray. You can see how even that just made it a lot more controlled. Now the hair has a little more grip, so when I go through the hair is gonna kind of naturally stay in the braid. The next thing you wanna do is if you have really short pieces you can still get it in a braid, and the way to do that is when you have your sections, you can twist the section, just twist it, now it's just gonna give you a little more hold in there. Now the next thing, which is what I really want you guys to learn it's the eye. So with Monica, I've decided to braid her hair dry, I did a really quick braid, so it's not about precision and that's part of it. So when Monica looks in the mirror, she has this here. All right, well we wanna fix that, so if I'm looking in the mirror and I see that this happens, what I need to do is actually go back and braid it a little bit closer to the scalp. Cause what I did, was I held it out too much. So I'm going back and braid it closer to the scalp, now Monica has a braid in. What's the front of the hair doing? This is the other part of the eye. I'd like to pull it out a little bit. It's keeping it a little undone. If it looks messy here, and neater here, then it doesn't blend. For her, she has an undone texture so you just wanna blend it and you can do that at home, you know, all you have to do is say what do I have going o, if your hair is very slick, very straight, if you've done your braid very precise, you wanna spray the hair, spray it on, spray it on, slick it out, depends on what kind of look you're going for. And the last thing would be, how do you secure the braid. I decided to secure her braid because it wasn't very big, just with a little bobby pin, and put too in just to make sure it's safe and secure. You can either pin it in the hair, you can take a little rubber band, little tiny elastics, I tend to use those instead of the bigger guys cause you don't want people to see that. So that's how you braid hair correctly.

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