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How to Use Hypnosis to Get Pregnant

Learn how hypnosis can help you get pregnant from clinical hypnotherapist Debbie Catz in this Howcast video.


Hi, I am Debbie Catz and I am a certified clinical hypno therapist here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a master's degree in social work, to learn more about this you can visit my website at and now I am going to help you to understand the simplicity of hypnosis. There is a field called hypnofertility or hypnosis for fertility and it's is in response to the high incidence of infertility that couples are experiencing nowadays. So, when there is no physiological reason and the doctors have thrown up their hands and said we don't know why you are not getting pregnant, there is nothing physically wrong with either partner that's where hypnosis can really come in. To the primary culprits of unexplained infertility are stress and lack of confidence. So, imagine when couples are trying so hard for so long to have a baby they lose confidence in their ability to do so and they get very stressed out and because hypnosis works with the mind we easily deal with things like lack of confidence and stress when working with women who are trying to become pregnant by using hypnosis and newer research is showing that it is also helpful, hypnofertility hypnosis is also helpful as an agent to some of the medical procedures for example IVF, in vitro fertilization. There was a study done in Israel and the rates of successful IVF actually doubled 14% to 28% when hypnosis was used. So, the mind controls the body so it is not just physical issue for women. So, when a women is not getting pregnant a mind body approach is always the best, whether it is hypnosis or acupuncture or whatever it is always best to look at the mind and approach it from all different directions. I had a client who came to me because she had tried to get pregnant for 20 years and she had even had 2 sessions of in vitro fertilization and during her therapy with me should we discovered something that had happened actually in her past life that her baby had drowned and when she discovered that and was able to release it she was able to get pregnant after 20 years of not being able to get pregnant. So, when we work with the mind, which is what hypnosis is it is very very effective in helping a woman to get pregnant.

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