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History of Krav Maga

Learn the history of the martial art Krav Maga aka Israeli Krav Maga from expert Rhon Mizrachi in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Rhon Mizrachi and I'm the head of Krav Maga Federation in the United States. I also own my own school in Manhattan on 25th St. I have been teaching Krav Maga for over 30 years. You can visit us online on Today, I'll demonstrate for you Krav Maga. Krav Maga's history starts in Bratislava, in Czechoslovakia prior to WWII by a man named Imi Lichtenfeld, who was a competitor in boxing and wrestling. Due to the anti-Semitic environment he very fast understood the difference between fighting for survival and fighting for tournament purposes. With the continuation of WWII he joined the British forces and fought in the MIddle East Peninsula and eventually made his way to Israel, which he joined the Fighting Forces of Israel and started to work on a hand to hand combat system as a Chief Instructor for Physical Fitness for the Israeli IDF. With his departure from the IDF he continued to develop the art with some of his top instructors for civilian purposes and this is what you see today taught as a martial art worldwide. With the help of his instructors, they established rules, curriculums, as well as belts and all kinds of ranking and governing systems for the art.

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