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Basic Krav Maga Techniques & Principles

Learn basic Krav Maga techniques and principles in this Howcast training video with expert Rhon Mizrachi.


Hi, my name is Rhon Mizrachi and I'm the head of Krav Maga Federation in the United States. I also own my own school in Manhattan on 25th St. I have been teaching Krav Maga for over 30 years. You can visit us online on Today, I'll demonstrate for you Krav Maga.The basic principles of the art is to avoid the confrontation at any cost. If you can't avoid the confrontation then you must engage and eliminate the threat at the shortest and most direct way possible using a fair amount of force/ Eliminating the threat using a fair amount of force means each scenario is not carrying the same amount of threat as a different scenario. An attack by an armed individual is a lot more dangerous than an attack from a non-armed individual. An attack by two or three attackers is a lot more dangerous than an attack by a single attacker. Each one of those situations need to be dealt with directly. Then, extracting yourself from the danger zone.

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