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How to Defend against a Threat with a Gun in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against threats with a gun in this Howcast training video with Krav Maga expert Rhon Mizrachi.


Hi, my name is Rhon Mizrachi and I'm the head of Krav Maga Federation in the United States. I also own my own school in Manhattan on 25th St. I have been teaching Krav Maga for over 30 years. You can visit us online on Today, I'll demonstrate for you Krav Maga. This is elimination of a threat with a gun. I want to remind those of you who are watching this that this is not a person to come in. This is a person gonna come in and he wants something from you, give me your money, turn around, get in the car, put your hands up, don't talk, he wants me to provide or to make some sort of a motion that he expects me to do. Even if he wants me to give him his money he does still expect me to make a motion to reach, and OK? So in other words we treat this as he came over and said please make a motion, and we will make a motion. Gun, ("give me your money"). Slow. I see a gun, there's two motions that are gonna carry me out. First is off the line of fire, which is by far the most important piece of this motion. At the same time I can isolate the weapon, I'm gonna drive it away from innocent civilians, potentially into him, so the gun will go down, and at the same time there's a punch to his face. Barrell into him, and I'm gonna maintain the maximum amount of weight that I can downward and towards the ground. His instant reaction is to start moving backwards, and if the gun is down towards the ground, it will make it a lot more difficult for him to do, once the punch comes in, I'm gonna come back to the horns of the weapon, try to rotate it, pull it out, throw a fresh round into chamber, and end up in a full distance from center mass.

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