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How to Defend against an Attack with a Knife in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against attacks with a knife in this Howcast training video with Krav Maga expert Rhon Mizrachi.


Hi, my name is Rhon Mizrachi and I'm the head of Krav Maga Federation in the United States. I also own my own school in Manhattan on 25th St. I have been teaching Krav Maga for over 30 years. You can visit us online on Today, I'll demonstrate for you Krav Maga
This is a defense against a knife from the front, coming at you straight from a close-medium range.
This is a defense, same defense in slow.
If the knife comes out and I see the knife I'm gonna come to a basic stand when my hands are tight to me making myself as small as I can make myself to force him into a smaller target. When he stab, my defense is moving myself off the line of the strike, so as the body blocks which is off the way, and there is the insurance that's gonna come from your arm, making sure it cannot come through you. With the block together there is a grab and a punch, a continuation of a kick to the groin and taking away then the knife.

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