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How to Defend against an Anticipated Bear Hug in Krav Maga

Learn how to defend yourself against a bear hug coming from the front in this Howcast training video with Krav Maga expert Rhon Mizrachi.


Hi, my name is Rhon Mizrachi and I'm the head of Krav Maga Federation in the United States. I also own my own school in Manhattan on 21st Street. I have been teaching Krav Maga for over 30 years. You can visit us online on Today I'll demonstrate for you Krav Maga.

This is defense against a bear hug that's coming to you from the front, when you realize it's coming and you have noticed prior to the grab itself. With explanation, I saw the movement in. I took a 45 degree step to isolate the hands forward. From the bottom, I attack him straight into his eyes, thumbs going directly into his eyes. Head is being held so he won't pull it away as he is blind and can't see anything with pressure into his eyes. You're going to keep striking him towards the groin with knees and a push inward creating distance.

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