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How to Slap Bass with Sam Lipman

Learn about musician Sam Lipman, one of Howcast's slap bass experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Sam Lipman. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. I started when I was young in Sydney, Australia where I am from. Went to school there at the conserved time. Moved to New York to study for about eight years. I usually either teach during the day couple of lessons or possibly a recording session. Now I live in Austin, Texas. Where I might play either a jazz gig or I'm playing saxophone, or I might sing. Most importantly, I make records and I will be releasing my first solo debut record here in the fall called 'A' for Aphorisms and I really hope you get a hold of it. It features me playing bass, keyboards, pianos, guitars and singing and song writing. So, I am proud of it and that's my baby. And I am about to have my first baby in August. So, check it out I also have a Sam Lipman page on facebook and I really look forward to seeing you somewhere online. We are gonna be playing some slap bass.

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