How to Be Good in Bed

When it comes to sex, there's always room for improvement. Get really good in bed with these tips.

You will need

  • Sensitivity
  • Adventurousness
  • Variety
  • Erogenous zones
  • Empathy
  • Confidence

Step 1 Masturbate Masturbate regularly. If you’re a man, it will help you delay ejaculation during intercourse; if you’re a woman, it will teach you the kind of stimulation you need to climax more easily.

Step 2 Go with your gut Don’t ask for feedback, pointers, or affirmation during sex — they’re instant mood killers. Go with your gut and then either proceed or switch gears based on your partner’s reactions.

Step 3 Be adventurous Be adventurous. In a poll about what makes someone good in bed, people cited “willingness to experiment” as one of the main factors.

Step 4 Stroke your partner Stroke or lick your partner’s inner thighs, the small of their back, and the area just below their belly button. Sex therapists say these areas are particularly sensitive to sensual stimulation.

Step 5 Have more empathy Work on your ability to see things from your partner’s perspective. Men and women who are highly empathetic are better lovers, according to research.

Step 6 Stop worrying Stop worrying about being good in bed. Being preoccupied with how you rate as a lover is almost guaranteed to make you a bad one.