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Krumping vs. Clowning

Learn the difference between krumping and clowning in this Howcast dance video with choreographer Jamal Cumberbatch.


I am Jamal Cumberbatch. This is Eternity Dance Academy and this is how we do it here. Check us out even more at
This is an introduction to krump dancing. Are you guys ready? 'Cause I know I am, here we go.

Oh man, the difference between krumping and clowing--um, clown dancers paint their face, krump dancers don't. The dress style is different, the style of dance is different. They have more of a happier style, 'cause it's called clown dancing so they act like clowns. Krump dancers have more of a warrior style so you gonna see two different elements of dance. You can split it right down the middle, it's fine, it's fine, it just like "schwoo."

Clown dancing: Fun, enjoyable, character.

Krump dancing: Agressive, powerful, character.

So fun -- agressive. Fun -- agressive. Separation.

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